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Northbrook, IL


Partner: Scott Simpson Builders Inc.

Mission: To create a space for employees and their families that reflects the family business origins of the company

The Result:

The SSB Inc. headquarters is a house-turned-office, and didn’t have space for the typical Yellow Tractor® 4 to 6 bed setup, so we had to get creative. What we ended up building were two 4ft by 8 ft beds, one on the side of the house and the other in front. We worked with SSB employees to customize the plants in each bed as well as the Dig Day® that would follow.

The resulting Dig Day®, attended by around 60 people, was meant not just for the employees, but also their families. The 40 or so kids in attendance donned tie-dyed Scott Simpsons Builders shirts and received kid-friendly instruction on how to build, fill and plant in the beds. Everyone broke out their summer lawn chairs and spent the afternoon having a good time under the summer sun.

“Together with SSB employees, families and friends, Yellow Tractor will establish these gardens on company property to assist SSB in its desire to promote a company culture of health and wellness by growing local, fresh food on site.”

The Wilmette Patch

June 2014

SSB, which has always kept sustainability and environmentalism at the forefront of their work, now has two garden beds to their name that produce hundreds of pounds of organic, healthy produce each season. The Dig Day® and regular work in the garden continues to bring SSB employees and their families closer through a focus on cross-generational access to gardening and the vegetables and herbs that are grown. Good food, and a good time, know no age.