Woodfield Preserve2018-08-13T21:07:03-05:00

Schaumburg, IL


Partner: Zeller Realty

Mission: To enhance the home-away-from home feel at the office complex

The Result:

On a bright and sunny day in June of 2018, around 60 Woodfield Preserve tenants came out to the unwelcoming cement clearing sandwiched between the two office buildings and the parking lot. They donned gloves, rolled up their sleeves, and began building the foundations of what would become an earthy relief in the depths of Chicago’s Northshore suburban office sprawl.


The walkway between the two offices was long and narrow, but received good strong sun exposure throughout the day, so six Yellow Tractor® beds were assembled in a line along the path. The two existing flower beds in the middle were cleared of soil before all the beds, new and old, received fresh earth.

Working in conjunction with the landscaping team, the tenants and Yellow Tractor representatives worked together to plant saplings of all different sorts in the beds, including peppery nasturtium and the fabled lemon cucumbers. Herbs were planted in the flower beds whose fresh scents filled the day. To celebrate coming together to create this space on Woodfield’s Dig Day™, butterflies were released and vibrant orange marigolds brought in to attract new pollinators. Finally, Woodfield redid the outdoor space, adding seating and overhead covers so people could enjoy the little oasis of greenery no matter what the weather outside. A fountain now trickles down between the buildings, the sounds of moving water mingling with the smells and sights of growing produce to create a calm space that makes tenants feel a little less like they are at work.

Every week during harvests, the same Woodfield tenants return for their share of the produce. They helped to build this garden from the start, and the sense of community that has effortlessly resulted from working together to create a watering schedule or clipping herbs side by side only strengthens by the week.

“Every week, employees from different companies come together and mingle as they harvest herbs, vegetables and more side-by-side. There’s so much shared excitement as new plants ripen and are ready to harvest. It’s a great way to build community while outside enjoying the landscaping and nature here at Woodfield Preserve Office Center.”

-Tammy Rogalla

Woodfield Preserve General Manager