HOME: Beautiful and Productive Home Gardens that will be the Envy of the Whole Block

Yellow Tractor™ offers the same comprehensive gardening education we offer for corporations on a smaller scale, for the home. We will come to your yard and assess the best way to build custom beds for your space. We help you to install the beds and plant the seedlings and provide you with all the tools–both literal and metaphorical–to successfully grow organic vegetables.


We recommend 6-8 Yellow Tractor™ planter beds, each of which is warranty guaranteed for 10 years. That being said, the layout and particulars are up to you and the restrictions of your space. We will work with you to decide what is best for you and your family.

Although the seedlings we can provide are seasonal and vary from year to year in order to guarantee the highest quality organic product, you can select what plants to place in your bed, space allowing. Here is a sample of some of our plant selection:

Root Veggies
Fruits and Beans