MUNICIPAL: Simultaneously Grow Healthy Food and a Thriving Community

Countless studies have shown the benefits of community gardens on everything from nutrition to food insecurity to familial bonds1. Both children and adults see increases in vegetable intake due to the accessibility of fresh produce, and mental and physical health improves with exposure to gardening. For the little space required for a community garden, they have a big impact on the community. They increase property value and create a safe community space that serves as a retreat for many2.


In the daily hustle and bustle of an urban setting, there is more need for spaces like these. Because Yellow Tractor® works with you for your particular space and specific requirements, we can help you make the most of any setting–from rooftop gardens to city planters.

We also provide programming planning for city-wide events. In 2011 and 2012, Yellow Tractor® partnered with Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in an event called 1Day2Change™ to build 13 planters and reached 6,500 people. The community service event, after its first year, provided all the necessary education and resources to produce 57,000 lbs of fresh produce.




1 Read more here.

2 Read more here.