WORK: Think Outside the Box for Employee Benefit Options

Yellow Tractor™ garden spaces provide a unique and interactive solution for corporations to address long-term benefits, like improved health and productivity, lower healthcare costs, better nutrition, exercise, reduced stress and team building. Compared to other corporate wellness options such as on-site gyms, wellness adventures or healthy snack deliveries, Yellow Tractor™ delivers tangible short term as well as long term results. Here’s a breakdown of everything our corporate partners receive from working with Yellow Tractor™:



Dig Day® is Yellow Tractor’s term for the actual garden site installation.  Depending on best planting dates for your garden zone, date options are provided by Yellow Tractor and chosen by contracting groups. Chicagoland Dig Days® therefore are generally scheduled from the last week of May, for spring and summer planting, through the end of August or early September for fall harvests. Dig Days® typically run 4½ hours, depending on the number of sites, workforce size and project scope. They are designed by and executed with the assistance of Yellow Tractor personnel and our Master Gardener site coordinators. All necessary Dig Day® supplies and materials, including Yellow Tractor garden bed kits, soil and plants, are secured at Yellow Tractor™ discounts and delivered safely to the site 1 – 3 days prior to the project execution. Plants are supplied according to cultural preference, participant requests and availability. Rain barrels, composting systems, trellises, garden trowels, gloves and all other requested supplies and materials are available depending on site needs and budgets. Upon completion of every Yellow Tractor Dig Day®, garden participants have hands-on experience, all necessary garden tools and will continue, for one year, free of charge, to receive The Garden Scoop®.


Every week during the growing season, a Yellow Tractor™ representative will come to your corporate garden and lead a harvest and maintenance session. It will take about an hour, and all necessary materials and tools will be provided, including bio-degradable bags, scissors and trowels, gloves and more. Tenants are encouraged to participate and are rewarded with first pick for that week’s harvest. They gain valuable hands-on knowledge about gardening as well culinary tips about how to use that week’s seasonal produce.


The Garden Scoop® is our zone-specific, monthly garden education publication, sent as an mobile-optimized email to all our Yellow Tractor clientele. It includes recipes, gardening to-do lists and more in a convenient and succinct package. A year of the publication is included with the purchase of our beds. Check out a sample The Garden Scoop® from August 2018.


Even outside the growing season, Yellow Tractor™ education continues with various tenant wellness events. We collaborate with professional chefs, wellness fair planning organizations and more to bring experiences to your company that are personalized to the culture of your workplace. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we can help make it happen.